This is a poem I wrote about a real experience I had in therapy almost 20 years ago during one of our ending sessions. It was with a therapist who helped me a lot and it was hard to say goodbye.

Saying Goodbye

She looked over at me, a childlike smile spread across her lips, her eyes twinkled and she paused for thought looking directly at me, a certain kind of longing filled the space between us…

“I feel like I love you,” she said.

I smiled, touched by her vulnerability, her innocence, her courage.

“I know,” I said.

“How do you know?” she seemed surprised.

“Because I can feel it,” and I placed my hand across my heart, “In here.”

A tiny glimpse of sadness crossed her face.

“How would it feel if I loved you too?” I asked her.

“Do you love me?” she barely whispered.

“I feel love for you, yes.”

And with that her tears flowed, as did mine and they spoke more than a thousand words ever could.

The spoke of sadness because we’d part soon and never meet again….

And they danced a joyful stream down our faces because we had met and had shared all that we had….

And it felt beautiful….

….heartbreakingly beautiful.

Maria Albertsen Online Marketing Coach

Copyright / Photo & Poem by Maria Albertsen

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