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She sat opposite me with her legs crossed and her head facing down, playing with her hands in her lap.

In the moments that passed I could see her eyes start to change, to become moist and dewy.

A film of tears began to cover them and formed like pools at the bottom of her eyelids, resembling a great lake or an ocean that was struggling to hold back.

She looked up at me and said gently, “I wish I could be with my inner child how I am with my own children,” and with those words huge tears flowed from her, the kind of tears that form a drop shape, large enough to see a reflection in. Heavy tears that soak the surface they land on, tears that say so much, that come from deep within, tears that rolled down her face like heavy unpolished diamonds.

“Tell me more,” I said, “How would you Mother your inner child?”

And to this she replied:

When I wake in the morning I’d lie still in my bed

Thoughts of her would fill my head

I’d hear her little feet stomping into my room

She’d light up my life, no room for gloom.

I’d pull her close beside me

And snuggle her in tight

I’d vow to protect her

with all my might.

We’d plan our day

And I’d smell her hair

I’d remember these moments

Too precious not to share.

I’d make her favourite breakfast

And together we’d bake

She loves pancakes and bananas

Followed by cake!

We’d go to the beach

And feel the sand in our toes

I’d buy some ice cream

And giggle as I put it on her nose.

We’d laugh and we’d dance

and we’d soak up the sun

We’d take a picnic

and have lots of fun.

Then when she gets tired

I’d wrap her up warm

Wipe the sand from her feet

And hold her in my arms.

We’d slowly walk home

And have a little rest

Curled up on the sofa

With a story she loves best.

I’d run her a bath

And fill it with bubbles

She’d laugh and she’d splash

No worries or troubles.

I’d tell her she looks pretty

So she has no doubts

I’d remind her of her beauty

Inside and out.

Then I’d tuck her into bed

Cosy, safe and warm

And she’ll say

“Pretty please, can you sing me that song”

There once was a Mummy

Who had a little girl

A girl that’s so wonderful

A gift to the world

A girl who is funny

Stands tall and is strong

A girl who is so special

She has her own song

The girl is awesome

The girl is kind

The girl is clever

She has an amazing mind

She’ll have a great life

And achieve many things

She’ll have a powerful voice

That brings meaning when she sings.

And as she listens

I’ll stroke her hair

She’ll close her eyes

Cuddling her favourite teddy bear.

Softly, gently she’ll fall asleep

And I’ll sit staring in awe

at this wondrous little soul

who is mine to keep.

To keep while she’s small

To help her find her way

To give her time and space

To keep all the nasties at bay.

To love her always

And offer my support

To watch as she grows

And needs me no more.

And that’s what I would do

And that’s how I would be

With this lost little girl

Who is a part of me.

With love

Maria <3

Copyright / Painting & Poem by Maria Albertsen

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