A self portrait of inner child
Copyright Maria Albertsen

I know only too well the pain and heartbreak that we feel when we say goodbye to our first love, it hurts, big time! For most people this happens in our teenage years or early adulthood, but for some of us it can happen when we’re older too. Either way, it sucks! And it’s also something which often re-surfaces in therapy for many people.

As I was sitting thinking about this I remembered those feelings and I became inspired to write and draw. The poem I wrote below is about feeling heartbroken, but also about an accompanying sense of freedom and growing up…… a very bittersweet feeling indeed, sad yet hopeful.

The image to the left is what I drew. I think this is actually my own 15 year old inner child, and perhaps the feelings I had as I sat and thought about this were coming from her.

I believe we all have smaller parts inside of us that resurface at times throughout our lives. My inner 15 year old in particular is around right now, so I decided to listen to her and this is what she had to say ❤️

Poem – Goodbye

You are no longer here with me

Yet you linger on my skin

I close my eyes

I feel your touch 

A warm memory from within 

A thousand miles between us 

Yet clearly I see your smile

Your eyes, your lips

You are in my thoughts

Very much still mine

My body, she remembers 

My soul won’t forget 

My skin tingles when I close my eyes 

I feel you in me – passion, love and fear 

Grateful and no regret

You loved me more than anything I’d known 

Then you left me on my own

You broke my heart 

Opening it up to the world 

Painful but necessary, no longer a girl

My first love you will always be

Loving me, breaking me, setting me free

A tender love, fragile to hold 

But from it emerged a woman 

Someone more whole 

Open, vulnerable, tender

Yet courageous and strong 

You came, then you went 

Now I’m capable of true love, 

And I know I’ll find the one.

By Maria Albertsen – October 2019

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